Monday, November 8, 2010

Climate Scientist Plan Pushback Against Incoming Republicans

Read a story about Climate Scientist and Researchers, who are planning to do a push back on the incoming Congressional Republicans. The American Geophysical Union isn't pleased that 50% of the newly elected Republicans, are skeptics of man made climate change. They along with various Universities, and Research Laboratories, plan to "organize" around 700 climate researchers, to push back on the un-educated stances the new congress may have.

I'll tell you the real deal folks! If you pay attention to some of the "key" words from above, you will find all the answer you need, as to why they plan to do this! You see the words "various Universities" and "Research Laboratories"? What those key words indicate, are places that get "Government Research Grants"; or in plain English...Taxpayers Money!! They are acting frantically to save these dollars, and keep the cash rolling from the Taxpayers wallets!! They are protecting their lively hoods in this case. Lets face facts, they will also be faced with coming up with new things that are worthy of research, and therefore getting the tax dollars back into the pipeline of institutions. They must try to convince the public, and those new congressmen, of an impending "apocalypse" if the research is stopped.

I have read various stories of these climate numbers being faked, to make it look as if Global Climate Change exists. I have also read stories in British publications, which say, that the temperature of the Earth, and Mars; mirror each other!! I dare say, I have yet to see any Martian SUV's,  or Martian Heavy Industry, spewing CO2 into the fragile Martian Atmosphere!! I have a new theory which will blow your mind! The Sun... causes temps to rise, here on Earth, as well as Mars!!

I applaud the newly elected congress for being skeptical of these claims! I am glad they will look into things, and not just buckle to the shrill screams of those so called Scientist. Hopefully they will dry up the steady stream of taxpayer money into this, and other unworthy causes! Especially in the face of our country's current economic situation!