Monday, November 29, 2010

Take all Money From Rich

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If America took every penny from those blasted "Rich" guys; (who are gonna get a tax cut, that seems to piss people off) Will the poor be better off? Or will they still be Poor?

I contend you can "TAX" every penny from the very wealthiest Americans, and the "POOR" will see no appreciable change in their lifestyles!! We have to date, spent 9 TRILLION dollars on the "WAR on Poverty", and the poor are still poor as dirt!! Giving money to poor without them earning it...It doesnt work!!

You dont say...If my neighbor get his taxes raised, I will be better off! NO YOU WILL NOT BE BETTER OFF!! It doesnt affect your lifestyle one bit!! Neither would taking all of the Rich peoples wealth..Make the country's poor "Better Off"!!

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