Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Yorkers Fleeing State Taxes

New Yorkers Fleeing State

Excuses from Bankers...Liberals wouldn't accept!!

Lets say a Liberal named John, has a bank account containing $500,000 that he inherited from his rich uncle. The bank started playing fast & loose with loans, and started spending wildly! In a short period of time, the bank went bankrupt! John was furious to learn that he had just lost $400,000 of his money! This was due to the fact, that deposits are only insured to $100,000! He didn't realize that he could lose money, if a bank went insolvent. John was so furious that his money was gone! He decided to march down to the bank, and attend the press conference regarding the bank failure! He sat on the front row, hoping he could give them a piece of his mind, after the interviews were finished!

The news anchor asked the bankers why the bank failed. The bankers said, well this guy named John is pretty wealthy. He inherited a very large sum of money. Soon after the inheritance, John quit making regular deposits into his account. John was so self absorbed, that instead of depositing his money like normal, he used that money for himself!!  He had no regard for the bank, nor did he care about his fellow depositors! Despite the fact he was rich, John selfishly withheld his deposits! The bank counted on those deposits for operations, and he wouldn't help us! Now you know the reason we went bankrupt!!

Can you imagine, a banker, who started blaming the banks customers for its failure? Imagine them not taking ANY responsibility for their own actions? Liberals would lose their minds if a banker actually said such things! They would be demanding the banker spend time in prison with Bernie Madoff!

Sadly, Liberals do accept the very same irrational argument from those in Government! Congress spends money exactly like the irresponsible bankers, which puts our country at extreme risk! Congress knows they spend like wild banshees! They know they rack up huge sums of debt. Despite the facts, they dare to blame taxpayers for the mess! Government tells us things like... "If the rich had only paid their fair share, our country wouldn't be bankrupt!" And other things like.."We didn't pay for the Bush tax cuts!"

Listen..The Government knew full well about the tax cuts! They spent more, and they spent more, without regard to that fact! They knew revenues were going to be smaller, and they didnt care!! Whose fault is it??
How about Government take responsibility for its own action for once! How about they quit laying the blame on those who had nothing to do with spending us into bankruptcy!!

Don't let these fools lie to you any longer!! They believe you are stupid! They believe you don't have the mental capacity to figure out their schemes! I believe, at one point in time, Bernie Madoff probably thought the exact same thing..."Ill get away with it, because people are stupid!" Lets show them that we have figured them out, and we have exposed them for the crooks they are!! Don't let them get away with laying blame on our fellow citizens..WE KNOW THE TRUTH!! GOVERNMENT FOOLISHLY SPENT THE MONEY..NOT TAXPAYERS!!