Sunday, December 5, 2010

No Compromise on Spending and Tax Cuts!

No compromise..One might say I am just another Right Wing nut job! Well.. Its possible that is correct! It is also something, that I may even be proud to be called! (I must be doing my job, of ruffling Liberal feathers!)

I just want you to recall, what They; who demand compromise NOW...did to us back then! We asked them not to RAM Obamacare down our throats! We asked them to let us hear what was in the Healthcare Bill. Nancy Peolsi Brilliantly said, "We must pass the Bill, so we will know what is in it!" ( HOLY COW!!) Remember when the Average American went to those town hall meetings? They ignored us; they Insulted us! WE were just the average Little Guys!( Democrats CLAIM to represent, and protect those citizens..DONT THEY? LOL!!) They called us Horrible names...Greedy, Racist, Selfish, Special Interest Groups, Godless, Uncaring! You remember when we asked them to act in a Bi-partisan fashion? They basically spit in our faces! They rounded up their Union Thugs, (SEIU) bussed them in from out of town, to shout us down, and beat us if we dared Dis-agree with one of those Obama-zatzi, Health Care Zealots!

No...quite frankly; I don't think any one of us who witnessed such things, or possibly actually got assaulted, wish to hear such things! They treated us, like we were NOT Americans! They threatened citizens who dis-agree... with their SEIU thugs! I don't think we are in the mood for such things like Compromise at this point in time!

We Elected our OWN group of THUGS, to stand up for our interest in Washington! I expect them to do as they promised to in the election, and roll back this MAD Spending Spree, Roll Back Obamacare, as well as Other out of control spending!

I got a better way right now! I also KNOW that if we allow Congress to raise taxes on ANY Citizen...Rich or not, that is the absolute wrong thing to do at this point! Our New Posse of Thugs must come in and study where Government spending cuts need to to cut them as soon as possible! This needs to be done FIRST, as if you let Government have extra dollars, it always spends those dollars, and will feel less compelled to cut spending as much as needed! Giving a Government that is addicted to spending Dollars; is like Giving more Crack to an addict!!! Show Tough Love..Make them get clean, before letting them have more of what they are tempted with! I dont care if the Rich can afford it...WE cant afford to let them have it right now!!!...Thats the point!!

Cut Government Spending First!

I have been reading alot of stuff. I completely disagree, with most all of it! It doesnt make sense to me at all,  and I dont see how anyone else could possibly think, like they seem to! I find it Very, Very frustrating!

I have read alot about raising taxes on the Rich. They say it will raise 700 billion dollars for the govt! Great, then what? Is there some kind of a guarantee this is accurate, or that Government will do the right thing with it? I have seen numbers pulled out of thin air before! In my state, they passed the Lottery. It was supposed to raise millions of dollars for Education! I think it has raised about half, or less than half, of what the Leadership said it would! From experience, and paying attention to things like this over the years...I smell a RAT!! I submit that the 700 billion dollar figure is WAY over INFLATED!!  Pulled out of thin air!! It is most likely NOT ACCURATE! Most of these figures are based on "Best Case Senarios"...Like 10% growth the next 7 years...which will Never Happen! I got news for all of you who think this is true...You been Duped, like we were on the Lottery Promises!

If they do get that much, who thinks they will use that money to pay down the deficit? If you do think it will be used to pay down the deficit...I got Ocean Front Property in Arizona to sell you!! (Cheap Too!!)
Government has proven time and time again..They will squander money, like there is no tomorrow!! You are smart enough to say, that Government needs to cut spending DEEPLY, before we allow ANY tax on ANY American to be raised! History has Proven the Government will never spend within their means!