Monday, December 27, 2010

Rich Will Leave US..Then What?

The CEO of Blackstone said that he would leave America if things get worse. He says he is tired of being "Beat Up" and "Hated" for being Wealthy!

I'm not too sure, you on the Liberal side of the isle; know what you are doing sometimes! You throw acid in the face of people who provide jobs, pay taxes, and frankly incentivize future generations to achieve, like the wealthy do! Isn't it inspiring to a kid to drive by a Mega-House, or be passed by a Ferrari? They may be inspired, to achieve like those people do! Top 5% of wealthy people in America pay over 57% of all income taxes collected in America! Its been shown that almost half of American citizens, do not pay ANY income taxes at all. You say Bull..its withheld every pay period. Well I am talking INCOME taxes, not FICA, or any of those other withholding. Lower income earners are refunded MORE money than they paid into system, with the Earned Income Tax Credits!

I have blogged before, about the Tax Increases done on the "Rich".. in which the Government taxed their Yachts, Luxury Cars, Jewels etc. and what resulted was DISASTER for Middle Class workers! It shut down the American Yacht industry, which had several layers of middle income workers employed! Their jobs went away! The Yacht salesmen, mechanics, electricians, painters, pipe fitters....All lost their jobs due to the New Taxes imposed! The Wealthy weren't suckers who stood there and took a Punch! They wouldn't pay thousands of dollars more money, for a boat in the US, when they could fly over to a Caribbean Island, or Europe, and buy their Yacht for much cheaper prices! Then they could have an adventure, by sailing back to the US in their new Yacht, and still come out ahead!

Well, lest you forget; these Americans we are talking about are SUPER RICH! Its nothing for them to go abroad for their new yacht, or even a NEW ADDRESS!! If it gets too messy here, and too expensive to live in America...They'll MOVE!

This is where my question to Liberals is leading. WHEN you run off ALL those Rich Americans, and no longer able to tax them, where is that  money coming from?? Every Check that is written, by the Government; has to first be taken from an American, or borrowed from Foreign Countries. When those two things stop happening... because ONE; you have ran off all the wealthy taxpayers, and TWO; the Foreign Countries quit loaning money to you, because your government doesn't collect enough tax revenue....Then who is going to be responsible for paying those taxes, and funding your beloved "STRONG CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT?"  YOU will be screwed!! Better change your views.. before its "TOO LATE!"