Friday, November 26, 2010

Society on Track to Become Like the Movie "Logan's Run"

I was watching the videos I put up of the Super Liberal, Progressive Paul Krugman talking about Obamacare "Death Panels". It hit me; like a ton of bricks, what society is fast becoming. Its becoming like the 1976 Movie "Logan's Run"! In that movie, you were not permitted to live past the age of 21! When a person reached that age, an implanted device put on your hand, turns completely black. You were then considered a burden to society, and placed into a "Sleep Shop" where you were executed! Humm...Nice Place!!

Also in the movie you could have all kinds of casual sexual relations, and use drugs for recreational purposes; but get this...Tobacco use is banned, and Police raid places where it is used!! (Sounds a bit too familiar!!)

You see what I have learned about Liberals, and Progressives; they do everything in increments, called "incrementalism". Just as they are doing with the new scanners at the Air Ports; and the ever friendly "Pat Down" inspections. You see, the Air Port is just the beginning of these kinds of intrusive inspections. After the public gets used to this, they will then say, you must do these inspections before boarding a train, or a bus. Then it will be more accepted. Next will come the Football Stadium, Basketball Arena, or other event. Gets us used to the "Police State" society..You give up a little freedom to feel safe.

The Liberals and Progressives sell you the idea that we need to have these "Death Panels" to save us from crushing health care costs. Then in a few years, they will then say, we need to start doing this for people who are younger in age than we previously have done; due to crushing health care costs! You get the idea now?

Liberals and Progressives are the source of the World's Great Evil! If you aren't as useful to society as you once cost society too much...its time for you to sleep!!!

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