Monday, February 21, 2011

Jesus was Liberal?

I hear this term over and over from Liberals, saying Jesus was a Liberal. Lets examine this for a while and see what we might conclude.

I hear them say things like "Conservatives are Heartless"! They won't vote for Government to give MORE to the needy and poor. They are "Socially Unjust" and "Greedy"! "You must be willing to pay more taxes to give to the poor for Social Justice reasons, and if you don't, YOU ARE HATEFUL!" This is what God says to do?... REALLY?  It was estimated that American Taxpayers paid over $500 Billion dollars in Welfare expenditures in the year 2000. Its funny that it seems there can only be estimates made as to how much we actually spend on welfare, because of course; its split into different categories. No one knows really how much is spent! My guess is to try to keep taxpayers from seeing the REAL number and having a tantrum fit about it! I certainly don't think that kind of spending on the welfare programs is deemed small amount..Do YOU?

This gets me back to my original subject of Jesus being a Liberal. I wish to ask my friends on the Liberal side these questions: When you get to Heaven, are you going to tell God that you were a Godly man because you VOTED a certain way? You think since you voted for a party which gives money to poor, (Which is Confiscated by Force, and therefore STOLEN from other Americans pockets... NOT given Freely!) that you are covered when you get to Heaven, as a person who gave to the poor? STEALING from your neighbors is going to cover you in Heaven? STEALING is one of the forbidden things in the 10 Commandments!! I really think that when Jesus told people to take care of the poor, widows, and the sick; he was talking about YOU giving to the poor! Giving to the poor out of your OWN Property, Labors, Time, and Money! NOT JUST the RICH EXCLUSIVELY...BUT YOU TOO!!! You going to tell God, that you voted for the Rich to give to the poor, but you didn't give ANYTHING yourself... so you should be considered "GOOD"? (I wouldn't advise that, if I were you!)

Jesus charged us ALL to give to needy and poor! (THIS INCLUDES YOU!!) Its NOT a function of Government, but a function of Charity, and Compassion from inside yourself! You must budget the money for giving, out of your OWN money! It is money to be set aside for God's Command to feed and help the poor; and not used on your own household expenditures and lifestyle! You voting to take money from others doesn't cover you from God's Command to give!! If you don't give from your own Labors and Money...YOU are the one who breaks God's Commands!!!