Monday, December 6, 2010

Do we Need the EPA?

Its past time to abolish the EPA! (Environmental Protection Agency) But You scream, Then we will have dirty air and water!! We cant do that!! Really now? How absurd that statement of yours really is!
The EPA was only formed in the year of 1970, roughly 40 years ago! Heck I am older than that!
In my state we have a state agency called the Department of Environmental Quality. It does exactly the same thing that the EPA does; only on a local level! They issue fines, inspect and do everything you would expect them to do. Except, the fact that it is much cheaper at the state level to perform those duties, of protecting the environment. It cost the Taxpayers of America...$10 BILLION dollars to have the EPA at the Federal level!

Why do this at all? If we already pay for it in our states, Why duplicate it at the Federal Level?!! You say, well your state may be too poor to clean up the environment. Well not so, the DEQ will fine you heftily if you cause damage to the environment, plus the offending company pays for the cost of clean-up! Remember BP down in the Gulf of Mexico! They had the well blow out into the ocean, and oil washing up on the beaches! They got a $20 BILLION dollar fine for clean up cost and to help local business recover lost revenue from the loss of beach goers, and vacationers! Plus the fact of the savings of $10 BILLION dollars...Govt could sure help out a poor state a great deal if they had an extra $10 Bill!

If you say some states will not do a good job,and then their water and air will be dirty!! Then that's good for your state!! Your state can advertise to vacationers and business to relocate or vacation in your state, cause you have clean water and air! The other states, could not let another get the upper hand on them like that!! assume leaders in those states will want to drink dirty water, and have their kids breathe polluted air?? No they would not!!

Answer me a question here....How did we survive BEFORE the EPA anyway? If NOT having the EPA is the END ALL...Why did we not ALL die before 1970? We can survive without BIG BROTHER...Telling us how it should be!! We know already, how it should be!! Dont you think???!!! I absolutely think that!!  Cut it out, and ABOLISH the redundant function of Government called the EPA! Every state has their own enforcement of environmental laws! Its getting paid for at the State Level and the Federal Level...which is twice...Get Rid of It... we don't need it anymore!! Id rather save the $10 Billion!!