Friday, November 12, 2010

Making a Big Point..with Humor

My Mom, sent this joke to me. It is so true, I don't think that I could make the point any better, in my commentary...

A young woman, was about to finish her first year at college. Like many of her classmates; she considered herself a Liberal Democrat. She liked many liberal ideals. Among her favorites; higher taxes to support Government social programs; or, redistribution of wealth, from the rich to the poor.

She was deeply ashamed of her Father, and his Conservative views. She let her feelings be known to her Father on a regular basis. This view, was re-enforced by her Professor's Lectures, as well as a few small talk chats, with her Professors. She felt her Father harbored evil, and selfish desires to keep the money he had worked so hard for.

One Day, she was challenging her Father, on his opposition to higher taxes on the rich, and the need for more government programs. She said, that all of her college professors lectures on the subject; cannot be wrong!

Her Father asked how she was doing in school. She haughtily responded, that she has earned a 4.0 grade point average. She said she was taking a difficult course load. She let him know that a 4.0 is tough to maintain, and was constantly studying, and has no social life; no boyfriends, because she was busy studying all the time!

Her Father asked how her best friend, from high school; was doing in college. She said that Audra was barely getting by with a 2.0. Dad, you should see her, out till all hours of the night; partying, dating, and sleeping in the next day; because she is so hung over! College for her, is just about having a blast!

Her Father said, why don't you go to your Dean's Office, and ask to give up 1.0 point of your grade point average, to Audra; so you will both have a 3.0 grade point average. Sounds like fair, and equal distribution of GPA, to me! She was visibly shocked by her father's suggestion! She angrily fired back; how would that be fair? That is a crazy idea! I have worked hard for my grades, invested so much time, and sleepless nights, for my grades! Audra hasn't done crap, to deserve a 3.0! She played; I worked my tail off!!

The Father said, in a calm voice...Welcome to the Republican Party!!