Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Liberal Lies About Race...Exposed!

As you may have heard today, the new congress started the session with the entire US Constitution being read out loud. I applaud this and think it makes good sense to do so! Reminds them to take their job seriously, and make sure they do their job as the Founders of the Country intended them to!

However, a few things I heard from the Liberals made my blood boil! You know by now, the favorite PLAY in the Liberal playbook says..when losing to Republicans...Call them Racist!

They said the Constitution calls Black people 3/5 of a person. IT DOES NOT!! The Constitution has a provision put in place called the 3/5 compromise. This was drafted to accommodate the southern states which wanted to keep their slaves. ( BTW..ALL those who wanted to keep slaves were DEMOCRATS!!) This 3/5 compromise was brilliantly added in this manner by those OPPOSED slavery! It brilliantly gave the southern states LESS power in Washington, so they could not keep voting for slavery! If they were to have counted those slaves as whole people..The southern states would have had MORE representatives in Washington, and therefore MORE VOTING POWERS! Meaning they could have kept slavery longer!

Also, the 3/5 compromise DID NOT classify ALL PEOPLE of COLOR as only 3/5 of a person!! THAT'S the BIG LIE right there!! The Liberals, and so called Civil Rights leaders said that the Constitution says that ALL BLACK MEN are only 3/5 of a person!! No it does NOT!! It says "ALL FREE PERSONS" (White, Indians, Chinese, Black...Not all black persons were SLAVES some had freedom) are considered to be counted as WHOLE persons!! The Constitution SPECIFICALLY says that only people who are to be counted as 3/5 of a person..Are those people who were SLAVES!! Not all people of color were slaves!! (EVEN IN THOSE TIMES) FREE Black men were counted as a WHOLE person!! Says that right in the Constitution!! Article 1 Section 2 for your information!! They HAPPILY LIE to them to get it!!

So next time you hear such BRAVO SIERRA, you will know the truth! Its just typical of Liberalism..They must LIE to their constituents, to keep them stirred up and voting their Lying, Liberal, KKK founding asses in office!! They still use people of color to do their bidding...just like the days of slavery!! They only want people of color for their vote..not to help people of color better their lives!! They HAPPILY LIE to them to get their votes!!