Thursday, February 10, 2011

Socialism Exposed

What is it that most appeals to people about the Socialist System? The theme I hear most often, is that it takes care of the Poor, and Underprivileged!

I wish to ask you, please show me a nation in the Entire History of the World that has been void of Poverty, Poor People, or the Downtrodden! Think about that fact for a minute! Under every Political System, Monarchy, Socialist Dictatorship, or Tribal Region...Some are well off, and some are not so much!

The one system, which as PROVEN to do the MOST good for the Common Man, in the history of the planet; is the Capitalist System. In 19th Century America, we had millions coming to our shores from all over the World, mostly Europeans. Most came here with empty pockets, hoping to make a better life for himself and his family. There was NO such thing as Welfare, Health care, Medicare, Medicaid, nor any other "Safety Net" program. Yet they came anyway!

Today, you would hear that the poor cannot do it on their own, they cannot be successful without  Government Assistance. History from that particular period of time shows us differently!! Not only did they not fail, they sent for their Spouses, Mothers, Fathers, and Siblings to come here as well!! They did, and aren't we all thankful now!

Did those people come here, and get taken advantage of by the Capitalist System? If they were getting taken advantage of by a greedy Capitalist, would they have sent away for their families? I would submit they would have just went back to where they came from, if they were getting their necks stepped on by the boot of some Rich guy!! They would have said Capitalism only takes advantage of the Little Guy, and the poor...Not sent for the rest of the family to join him here in America!

That period of time was the closest America has ever been to un-regulated Capitalism, and un-regulated economic activity. That period was also the biggest INCREASE in Charity ever! Almost every major charity which we have today, sprang from this time period in America!

The Problems that Americans now face, can almost all be attributed to the Socialism that we have allowed to infect our system with. Its in large part the very reason many of our cities are on the verge of Bankruptcy! The Social Security System is all but Bankrupt, Medicare, Medicaid..same story! I can name 15 other programs in the same condition!

The point is, that even the BEST Systems of Government will ALWAYS have rich, and poor! Even the Leader of the Socialist, Communist Revolution in Cuba, says out of his own mouth that Socialism doesn't work! Cuba of all places is now going to reform itself to become more Capitalist! He tells his countrymen that they must now work harder for themselves, and quit relying upon Government!!

What works is UN-REGULATED Capitalism...Its the ONLY system which helps the MOST people get out of poverty!