Friday, November 19, 2010

Racist Republicans...Not So Fast

Ever heard the Bravo Sierra about Republicans being racist? How many times have you ever heard a Liberal, Progressive, or Democrat call someone from the Republican side.."A Racist"?

I'm gonna examine this fact a bit in this article. I think some on our side think alot of us... "MUST BE" racist! Isn't that what they say in the Main Stream Media as well? It has been said about us so many times, people just accept it as fact! I have heard the old saying "Tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth."

Thomas Jefferson founded what would later become the Democratic Party. (One of the few "Bad" things I have ever read about Jefferson) Jefferson did own slaves at one time, but come to believe it was wrong to think any man could "Own" any other man as property. He once said that slavery was bad for the Slave as well as bad the Slave Owner. Along comes the "Progressive" Democrat John C. Calhoun. He liked his slaves! His take on slavery was a bit different from Jefferson's! His idea was, slavery was good for the Slave as well as good for the Slave Owner. Thus, in those times, the Democrat Party was known as the "Party of Slavery" (LOL...who could have known???!!!) I say he was a "Progressive" since he wanted to change the Declaration of Independence to make it "Fit" his agenda!! He called the part..":All men are created Equal", a political error!! (Sound Familiar?? Any Obama fans out there?) From the outset of the Democrat Party, The Party is racist!

I am telling you the truth about why the Republican Party was formed in 1854. It was formed in "Direct Opposition" to the Democratic Party's Pro Slavery Stance!! Republican Abraham Lincoln fought the Civil War to free men of color from Slavery!!

Congressional Records show Democrats have opposed every single Republican effort to give African American's Civil Rights!! Every single one!! Even during the 1st two years of John F Kennedy's Presidency; He ignored Dr. King's request for Civil Rights!! Kennedy's Attorney General Brother Robert Kennedy approved bugging of Dr. King's Office. Republican President Ronald Reagan made Martin Luther King's Birthday; a national holiday!

It is a matter of Record that Republicans still support this agenda in the modern day. 80% of Republicans supported the 1964 Civil Rights Act in House of Representatives; only 40% of Democrats supported it. In 1965's Voting Rights Act, 82% of Republican House Members supported measure. In the Senate 94% of Republicans supported the Voting Rights Act.

The amount of history written on this subject is astounding! I could write on it for days and still not cover all of the evidence I have found on the subject!!

Next time you hear that "Republicans are Racist" thing...Hold your head high as you now know the TRUTH!!! We are not now; NOR HAVE WE REPUBLICANS EVER BEEN RACIST!! Republicans fight for the rights and freedom of every person, no matter the color of thier skin!!