Thursday, November 11, 2010

Democrats Are For the Littleguy...

I asked a guy, "Why are you a Democrat?" He told me, "I am a Democrat, because they are for the "Little Guy" and the "Working Man".

In this article, I wish to examine this theory. I will attempt to persuade you, with some examples; of  how Democrats actually reacted, with their policy implementations...

In the early 1990's, George H. W. Bush broke his promise of "No New Taxes". The Democrats, who controlled congress, were just killing Republicans for being the "Party of the Rich"! The Country needs some Fairness; the Country needs to help the poor; the Country needs these extra revenue streams to pay down the National Debt, and so on. The Democrat majority in congress, wanted to "Soak the Rich" for being, well..."Rich". So they came up with some really nicely crafted taxes, to accomplish their goals. One was a new tax on yachts known as the "Yacht Tax". That one will really get those rich guys! It was in their minds, a brilliantly focused law. It would make that rich guy, pay a 20% tax on his new luxury yacht, if it was 50 feet in length, or longer. Other taxes were placed on certain other things; such as: cars, aircraft, and jewels.

Well, you know what happened? It destroyed the Yacht industry in the United States!! The buyers of the yachts looked at the new taxes; just like you and I would do, they either didn't buy one, or said...Its cheaper to buy my yacht over in the Caribbean; with no U.S. taxes added! I can then, sail it back here. It would make the trip more fun to know, you just saved $200K (If the yacht you just purchased was a million bucks, or more.) All of these new taxes were to bring in big dollars! What did it do instead? According to a study, it killed: 330 jobs in the jewelry manufacturing sector, 1,470 jobs in the aircraft sector, and a staggering 7,600 jobs in the yacht industry. How many of these people, who lost their jobs; were... "Rich Guys", and how many of these jobs were lost by... "Little Guys"?

Look today, at the similar situation with our esteemed President Obama. The economy tanks; GM and Chrysler are going bankrupt. There is some idea to close auto dealerships when this happens. Auto manufacturers submit a plan to close "minimal" number of dealerships. Obama Administration says; there will be far more drastic number of dealerships closed, so they will have to "Share the Sacrifice" in this downturn. Obama administration orders 2,000 dealerships closed. The average dealership employs 52 people, from salesmen, to mechanics, to body shop employees. That is approximately 100,000 jobs lost, to those dealerships closings! So... how many jobs in this example.. are the "Rich Guys", and how many jobs here were lost by "Little Guys"? I am puzzled by this move of closing ANY of these dealerships! I believe Obama did this in order to show his liberal supporters, that he wasn't afraid to hurt the wealthy people; who owned the dealerships! The "Little Guys" who were hurt; just had to expect to... "Share the Sacrifice"! These dealers cost GM, and Chrysler almost nothing! They were self sustaining businesses! How stupid is this thought... We will gain "MORE" car sales, by reducing the number of places, where people can purchase one!!

Democrats "Sell" this notion, that they are for the "Little Guy" and the "Poor". I have seen enough to know, Democrats use the "Little Guy" and the "Poor", as "Rungs in their Ladder to Power"!! When they get the power; the Little Guys better run for cover!!