Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Castro Criticizes Cuba's Communist System; Fidel to Ahmadinejad: 'Stop S...

Fidel Castro: "The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore."

Fidel Castro : "Cuban model doesn't work"

We The People

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A Prophet Warns America

Milton Friedman: Why soaking the rich won't work.

Milton Friedman: Do Good-ers Who Do Harm

Power of the Market - Fairness

Power of the Market - Poverty

Milton Friedman - Other People's Money

Harry Reid Political Joke

A very bright, intelligent 14 year old young woman was sitting in First Class, reading a book while awaiting departure from the airport. She looked up and seen Senator Harry Reid boarding the plane. She recognized him because her family is very conservative, and talks about current events on a regular basis. She thought to herself, Oh God, please don't let him sit next to me! But sure enough, right beside her he sat! As he sat down beside her, she said hello.

After departure, Senator Reid formally introduced himself. The young woman said, yes I know.. my family talks about you on a regular basis! He perked up, impressed and flattered to hear that. He said well then, I have found that a good conversation makes time go by much quicker while on these flights. Perhaps we could have a conversation about Health Care, Global Warming, or perhaps the future we have in store for our Country. She thought to herself..Oh God, I really don't want to talk to this arrogant, pompous Jerk!! She said, Oh that's Ok Senator, I have a book to read and it makes the time go plenty fast for me. He persisted, oh as a young person you should know whats going on in the world around you, and I would be delighted to talk to you about any subject you like.

She said, Ok Senator. As you know... When a deer relieves itself, its in the form of a pellet, When a bird relieves himself its basically liquid, When a cow relieves himself, its in the form of a mushy pie. Why is that? Senator Reid was taken aback, and puzzled of her choice of topic. He said, why I don't know!

She smiled and said, Well now Senator... How can you talk about Health Care, Global Warming, or the Future of America...when you don't know SH*T!

Alan Keyes on Taxation and the Federal Reserve


Alan Keyes on income taxes