Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bush's Waterboarding Wrong?

Hot topic of the day seems to be the former President Bush's use of "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" on terror suspects. He says it was legal for him to order the interrogations, by opinion of his lawyers. He ordered this on exactly 3 terrorists during the war on terror. Three? you would think by the furor from the media, he had ordered it on every terror suspect we had in custody! Matt Laurer asked "Would you do it again?" President Bush said "I would do it again!"

Laurer went on to point out the fact that we would not wish our soldiers to face such interrogation methods while in captivity. This is a true statement! Mr Bush would not wish any soldier to go through such things, nor would any citizen I know! Thing is, we are the only ones to ever follow any code of conduct. No Muslim society would give out Bibles, or freedom to practice faith, to captured soliers; but we did at Gitmo! We allow them time to pray 5 times a day, and let them practice thier religion whenever they wish. Would our soldiers be so lucky..NO!! I have seen our guys burned and hung off bridges. I have seen soldiers bodies, with ropes around thier necks; drug through streets. No one respects or treats prisoners like America does!!

Here's the deal on this from my perspective. Should you use this technique on the average criminal? I say, Absolutely NOT!! You will get false "CONFESSOINS" from people!! "Confessions" is the key word in this whole thing. They were NOT trying to get the 3 terrorist to "CONFESS". We knew they did the terrorism already!! We were saying, tell us what ELSE you "KNOW"!! You tell us what else you are planning, and we will stop this! Its up to you Mr. Terrorist! We were not trying to get these guys to confess to crimes! That is the difference.

I am glad Mr. Bush had the fortitude, to make the call!! He chose to protect our Country, and Citizens, without reguard for his "Legacy"!! I would be furious at a Liberal Democrat President such as Obama, if he wouldn't do exactly as Mr. Bush, and put our safety ahead of the "Rights" of an Enemy Combatant!! But you know already..Obama wouldn't do it to protect us..Liberals say its torture!! I say if it is...too bad for you Mr. Terrorist!!