Saturday, December 4, 2010

Increase Taxes on the Rich!

Increase taxes on the Rich?

Why does our Country find itself in this horrible predicament? There is one reason, and one reason only! Both Major Political Parties are "Guilty as Sin" on this one!! There is not a clean hand to be found!

The Problem is...Government REFUSES to cut spending! If we accept the Tax increases, that are proposed on wealthy people; will this solve the problem? Heck NO!! It will come a time, in a couple of years, that those Filthy, Greedy Rich guys aren't paying their FAIR Share... Again!

I have a member of my family, who has worked for the Government. I am told that during certain times of the year, they must completely spend all money they have been given for their department. Sounds reasonable, but when you start to think about it...It kinda pisses you off! See, their department must spend all the money left in their budget, before the fiscal year ends! They must do this so that their department, will get the same amount of funding... the next fiscal year. So, if they have 2 million dollars left in their budget at the end of the fiscal year...THEY MUST SPEND IT ALL! Whether they need to or not! They are required by their supervisors to WASTE IT! Buy anything, buy everything..Buy Baby, BUY!!
Government is guaranteed to waste the taxpayers money! They are too gutless to make the hard choices!!! We as citizens, must Demand that our Government; Stop the crazy spending spree! Change the pattern of wasteful spending! It has been addicted to deficit spending for so many years! I know its a hard thing to think about, with all those crazy Rich guys making 125 million dollars a year!... (Just keep popping them for the bill!) Problem with that thinking, (which sounds rational to some)...We cant take enough in taxes, from the Rich, to pay for the Government's Spending! Eventually they will come knocking on your door... as well!! I don't know about any of you, but I don't wish to be contributing any more than I already do! Besides if we let them have it..they are guaranteed to knock on our doors... AGAIN!!